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Commercial, Energy Efficiency  -  September 28, 2018

Miami Beach hotel implements energy management software

The Confidante Miami Beach, a mid-century hotel in Miami's mid-beach neighborhood, recently implemented energy management software to regulate the energy used throughout the property in order to increase its efficiency and increase energy savings.

The system, provided by WiSuite, a provider of energy management software, services, and equipment based in Detroit, Mich., allows hotel staff to remotely manage HVAC units in all 363 guest rooms to analyze "room sensor and revenue-based occupancy data," according to a statement. The system automatically switches back to a "predefined comfort mode" from the energy savings mode once a guest checks out, all while tracking equipment runtime to help streamline preventative maintenance process and extend the life of the property's HVAC units.

Guest comfort templates used to optimize the system were created to take into account different factors that impact the hotel's energy use, including sun load, room size and configuration, and specific HVAC equipment profiles.

In order to increase guest satisfaction and accelerate the process of responding to in-room equipment issues, the software also generates alerts when the HVAC units aren't performing properly.

"The Confidante has a well-earned reputation for 'wowing' our guests with impeccable service and unmatched style and comfort," said Keith Butz, general manager of The Confidante, said in a statement. "The WiSuite Hotel Energy Management system is a powerful new tool for maintaining that reputation while helping us effectively manage our energy use."

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