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Energy Efficiency, Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  December 3, 2018

Stanford signs PPA to hit 100% RE

Stanford University has signed a 25-year PPA for solar energy that will allow the campus to achieve its goal to source 100% of its campus electricity from renewable energy.

The agreement was signed with Recurrent Energy, LLC for its Stanford Solar Generating Station #2, located in Kings County, Calif, which will provide 63 MW of power beginning in 2021. This will combine with the University’s existing 67 MW solar PPA and its 5 MW rooftop installation to produce enough renewable electricity each year to equal their annual electricity consumption.

A report by Renewable Energy Magazine noted that this deal will enable the University to hit 100% more than two decades ahead of California’s goal to be carbon-free by 2045. “As a university, we are pursuing an ambitious plan to further reduce our carbon footprint, and our second solar plant is a critical new component of that plan,” said Stanford President Marc Tessier-Lavigne. “Sustainability is a major focus for Stanford and a priority for our local community. Completing our transition to clean power builds on the groundbreaking research of Stanford faculty and students, and it marks a major advance in our efforts to provide a sustainable learning environment for our campus.”

Renewable Energy Magazine’s report said the University is investigating additional innovations to improve energy efficiency, including a new lake water heat-exchange system and completing the conversion of its shuttle bus fleet to electricity.



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