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Energy Efficiency  -  April 1, 2019

Denver lights up 44,000 LEDs

The City of Denver will install about 44,000 LED to outdoor fixtures that will emit a neutral, whiter light and save the city some $844,000 a year on their energy bill.

The cost to convert the lights is about $1.6 million, according to a report by the Denver Post, which noted that the city is paying for certain fixed hardware while Xcel is providing the LEDs. Utility crews will install the new lights over the next year to most of the city’s streetlights.

One consequence will be a white glow rather than the current yellow shade. “They called it a white-warm,” said Nancy Kuhn, spokesperson for Denver Public Works. Denver officials say they’re using new technology that minimizes the effects of blue light, which has caused health concerns in the past.

"This conversion to LED streets lights is the next big step in Denver's commitment to energy conservation and work to address climate change at the local level," said Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said. "At the same time, by more effectively illuminating Denver's sidewalks and roadways, we're also helping people who drive, walk and bike feel safer as they move about town."


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