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Industrial, Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  June 4, 2019

First solar PPA for Energy Transfer

Energy Transfer, the Dallas-based Fortune 100 oil and gas pipeline company has signed its first-ever dedicated PPA for solar power. The 40 MWp/28 MWac power contract with a duration of 15 years was signed by Energy Transfer with Recurrent Energy for power from its Maplewood 2 project, located in Pecos County in the Permian Basin of West Texas.

“The PPA made economic sense for us,” said David Coker, vice president of Power Optimization at Energy Transfer, in a statement. “We are always focused on operating our facilities safely and efficiently, and while we mainly rely on electrical energy powered by natural gas, we do use a diversified mix of energy sources when it makes economic sense to do so. In fact, the percentage of electrical energy we purchase that originates from solar and wind sources is now more than 20 percent on any given day with the addition of this contract with Recurrent Energy.”

 “Corporations are increasingly purchasing solar energy for a variety of reasons—sometimes environmental—but cost is always a key consideration. Insiders of the renewable energy industry know well that solar PPAs often help corporations lock in low-cost electricity prices to power their operations. However, it is rewarding in 2019 to also see valued partners from the traditional energy sector like Energy Transfer view a purchase of electricity from high quality Canadian Solar assets like the Maplewood 2 project as a financially sensible decision,” said Dr. Shawn Qu, chairman at Canadian Solar. “We are honored to partner with our respected colleagues at Energy Transfer on this marquee transaction.”

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