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Demand Management, Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage  -  August 8, 2019

Calif. school district to save $5.7 million with energy storage

Downey Unified School District in Downey, Calif. announced the installation and deployment of 3.5 MW/ 7 MWh of battery energy storage systems at seven school sites throughout the district.

“Our Board of Education is always looking for creative ways to save money and energy storage will provide our district with utility cost savings,” said Downey Unified Superintendent Dr. John Garcia in a statement. “Installing energy storage will not only reduce our energy bills significantly this year, it will assist for years to come.”

ENGIE Storage installed and will operate the storage system using its GridSynergy®  software. According to the statement, Downey Unified’s use of the battery storage systems will cut its electricity bills by reducing demand charges, which are assessed based on spikes in electricity usage caused by air conditioning and stadium lighting, as two examples, at three high schools, one middle school, and three elementary schools.

California typically has the highest demand charges in the U.S. and average demand charges by California Investor Owned Utilities have increased, on average, nearly 80% over the past decade. Downey Unified is expected to save more than $5.7 million over the lifetime of the system, which was funded through the use of Proposition 39 dollars.

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