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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial, Solar  -  January 10, 2020

ALTANA commits to carbon neutrality by 2025

ALTANA, a producer of specialty chemicals, pledged to be carbon neutral in all its production and energy procurement by 2025 and to convert fully to green electricity in 2020.

The company also pledged to compensate for the unavoidable use of natural gas in its operations until 2025 by financing equivalent green energy projects. In 2007, ALTANA set a goal to reduce carbon emissions by 30% by 2020, which they achieved early in 2017.

“The more companies that commit themselves to climate neutrality and create the relevant facts, the faster we can achieve the Paris climate protection targets,” Martin Babilas, CEO of ALTANA AG, said in a statement. “We are therefore calling on policymakers to promote renewable energies much more strongly and swiftly. Incentives must be created to ensure that sufficient electricity and heat capacities from CO2 neutral sources will continue to be available in the future.”

ALTANA plans to implement carbon neutrality through projects involving both energy efficiency upgrades and heat and electricity generation from renewable sources. They currently have solar projects in place in Italy, the Netherlands and India and will be setting up projects to improve the efficiency of the suppliers throughout their value chain.

ALTANA has also been a member of the UN Global Compact initiative for responsible and sustainable corporate management since 2010.


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