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LA Sanitation commits to electrifying refuse truck fleet by 2035

Los Angeles Sanitation committed during a panel discussion on Jan. 23 to completely electrifying its refuse truck fleet, replacing its existing fleet of natural gas refuse trucks, by 2035 on the path to zero-emissions.

The panel discussion, hosted by the Los Angeles County Electric Truck & Bus Coalition, included leaders from The City of Los Angeles’ LA Sanitation and Environment (LA Sanitation), Southern California Edison, the Port of Long Beach, and East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice.

During the discussion, LA Sanitation General Manager Enrique Zaldivar detailed that all of LA Sanitation’s truck procurement will be 100% electric within the next two years.

 “We came to the realization that we are such a significant player in this industry across the nation, we have a marketplace pull and leverage,” said Zaldivar during Wednesday’s panel discussion, according to a news release. “We know that we can be an enabler and an accelerator. We are now looking at 2035 to fully electrify our fleet.”

According to LA Sanitation, its commitment to a 100% electric refuse truck fleet is the first of its kind by a city government. In August 2019, the Los Angeles County Electric Truck & Bus Coalition sent a letter to LA Sanitation pushing for a commitment away from diesel refuse trucks.

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