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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  March 5, 2020

John Deere Operations Center to integrate carbon tech

The John Deere Operations Center will be receiving integration with technology to link farms across the U.S. with a platform that encourages sustainable farming practices through carbon credits and other emission reduction rewards.

Farmers will be able to opt-in to sharing their agronomic data and records with the Indigo Agriculture software through the John Deere Operations Center, a cloud based farm management software, which will improve the functionality of Indigo services like the Indigo Carbon. The Carbon program pays farmers for increasing soil carbon content and reducing their greenhouse gases. According to Indigo, this software has already resulted in 18 million acres of farms being submitted for consideration since last June.

“We’re thrilled to work with John Deere to bring new solutions to their Operations Center customers,” Chris Malone, Head of Field Data Solutions at Indigo, said in a statement. “This connection will support Indigo Carbon, Indigo Grain Marketplace, and Indigo Acres™ by allowing growers the choice to share information to receive carbon credits, premiums on their grain, and agronomic advice.”

By linking on-farm equipment with the John Deere Operations Center, farms will be able to identify opportunities for sustainable farming practices and support carbon sequestration projects for which they receive carbon credits.

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