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GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  May 20, 2020

Compass Datacenters explores carbon capture tech in cement production

Compass Datacenters announced May 19 that they will be building their data centers with concrete using a technology that injects re-captured industrial CO2 into the manufacturing process, dramatically reducing the volume of cement required and permanently removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

The CarbonCure technology is expected to reduce Compass’s greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 1,800 tons per campus. According to the creators of CarbonCure, the production of cement, a major component of concrete, accounts for 7% of CO2 generated globally.

Their partnership with Compass Datacenters will help them in their goal to work with concrete producers around the world to eliminate 500 megatons of CO2 emissions from concrete production annually.

“Compass views sustainability from a holistic perspective, including construction and operations. By using CarbonCure technology in our concrete, we minimize our environmental impact without sacrificing quality,” Adil Attlassy, Compass Chief Technology Officer, said in a statement. “Compass is helping the data center industry reduce its environmental impact with a holistic lens, supporting stewardship of our environment from construction through operations.”

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