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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  July 15, 2020

WernerCo cuts energy from lighting by 60% with LED

WernerCo announced July 15 that they are implementing an LED retrofit at one of their Illinois-based equipment manufacturing facilities that is expected to result in $156,000 annual savings through reduced power usage.

The jobsite equipment manufacturer contracted Fairbanks Energy Services to execute the project and help improve the company’s sustainability. WernerCo was focused on reducing their energy use, solving light level issues to improve safety onsite and lowering their annual operational expenditure on energy. 

The company expects to save 1,473,000 kWh a year as a result of replacing 1,750 light fixtures at the 500,000 square foot property and to decrease energy use from lighting by 60% with a 1.6-year payback. The project also increased light levels in the production area by 60%, despite the decrease in energy use.

“We are excited to see the visual and economic results of this sustainability project already making a difference,” Lisa Urbina, Maintenance Lead at WernerCo, said in a statement. “With 24/7 production at this site, we needed specific light levels to create a safe and productive working environment. The Fairbanks Energy team designed the right LED lighting project that delivered on the requirements from both finance and operations teams.”

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