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GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  November 2, 2020

Enviva eliminates 32M metric tons of CO2 across the globe

Enviva announced in its newly released, first-ever Corporate Sustainability Report that it has eliminated 31 million metric tons of carbon emissions, the equivalent of the emissions from eight coal-fired power plants in one year, and displaced approximately 16 million metric tons of coal.

The producer of industrial wood pellets used for bioenergy is now targeting to eliminate an additional 172 million metric tons of CO2 emissions between 2020 and 2044. Enviva has been able to control the amount of emissions generated through operational efficiencies and through the use of air emission control technology that reduces emissions from the manufacturing process.

“Publishing this Corporate Sustainability Report is an important, measurable first step to ensure Enviva continues to source responsibly, improve forest ecosystems, and produce a reliable, renewable, and dispatchable wood-based fuel that can be used globally to reduce carbon emissions,” Dr. Jennifer Jenkins, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer at Enviva, said in a statement. “As our 2020 report reveals, sustainability is essential to Enviva’s core business. This report reflects the time, dedication, and commitment we have invested to better serve our customers, partners, and communities around the world.”

Through the creation of its product, Enviva mitigates the effects of climate change by contributing to enhanced forest growth and enabling its customers to reduce their use of coal and fossil fuels.

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