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GHG Emissions, Finance  -  April 20, 2021

Morgan Stanley’s 2030 Goal: $1 Trillion in Sustainability Support

Morgan Stanley announced its plan to provide $1 trillion in sustainability initiatives by 2030. The first large U.S. bank to commit to net-zero financed emissions by 2050, the firm has earmarked $750 billion of the trillion dollars to finance low-carbon solutions, in addition to an initial commitment of $250 billion made in 2018. These funds will support United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“The convergence of recent crises in climate, health, and social justice underscores the interconnections between environmental, societal, and structural issues. It is imperative for business and finance to accelerate our efforts to drive positive global systemic change,“ said Audrey Choi, Morgan Stanley’s Chief Sustainability Officer and CEO of the Institute for Sustainable Investing, in a statement. “We are tripling our low-carbon commitment and increasing our SDG goals for the simple reason that there is no time to waste. As a leader in sustainable finance, it is our obligation to do more to support businesses, governments, and individuals in securing a more sustainable world for future generations.”

Only two years after it first committed to low-carbon financing, Morgan Stanley had already mobilized $80Bn towards the firm’s goal of sustainable investing capacity and products. The new $750 billion commitment will help expand these offerings for corporations, governments, and individuals in institutional securities, wealth management, investment banking, and investment management. Such offerings include cleantech finance, renewable energy finance, and green bond financing among many other options. 

This commitment continues Morgan Stanley’s leadership in sustainable investing, which began in 2009 when the firm became a founding member of the Global Sustainable Finance Group.

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