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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Solar  -  May 28, 2021

Arkansas School District to Fund Teacher Raises With Energy Savings

Farmington Public Schools in Arkansas approved May 24 a $3,881,804 Energy Savings Performance Contract for energy upgrades that should reduce annual energy costs by nearly $300,000.

The school district completed the contract with Entegrity to complete the projects across its 600,000 square feet of facilities. The superintendent of the district intends to use the savings generated by the upgrades for teacher raises and retention.

“Many of the district's primary education facilities are older, on those campuses updates to HVAC and lighting systems were necessary,” Superintendent Jon Laffoon said in a statement. “It's exciting that during my first year as Superintendent of the district, the board prioritized creating funding for raises and addressing the infrastructure of our older facilities. We found a way to pay for major upgrades, create financial savings, and to make our district safer and more energy responsible.”

The upgrades will include the installation of district-wide LED lighting, HVAC replacements and tune-ups, water conservation measures, an emergency backup generator, and new stadium lighting. Multiple solar arrays will also be installed onsite.

The performance contract was overseen by the Arkansas Energy Office to fund the upgrades.

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