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Commercial, Energy Efficiency  -  August 27, 2021

Lazer Spot Adds 25 EV Trucks to Yard Management Fleet

Lazer Spot announced Aug. 26 that it will soon be deploying more than 25 electric vehicle trucks in its yard management operations.

The Georgia-based yard management provider completed a multi-year agreement with Orange EV for the delivery of the trucks in 2021 and 2022. Lazer Spot has purchased electric work trucks from Orange EV trucks in the past and will be adding a new order to its current fleet.

The electric trucks will help Lazer Spot reduce the cost of fuel, maintenance, and repair of its work vehicles and rescue the emissions from its operations. Lazer Spot also said the EV models offer increased reliability than their diesel-powered alternatives.

Orange EV’s data suggests that its electric trucks can reduce fuel-related costs by nearly 90% after the first six years of switching from diesel. This new order of trucks should be delivered to Lazer Spot beginning in the fourth quarter of 2021.

“Orange EV is clearly the industry leader for electric yard truck innovations,” Adam Newsome, Lazer Spot CEO, said in a statement. They invented and manufactured the first one. Our past successful experience with them allows Lazer Spot to stay ahead and ensure we're utilizing proven technology and receiving the best-performing and most reliable electric yard trucks available today.”

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