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Energy Storage, Industrial  -  September 9, 2021

Schnitzer Steel Incorporates Battery Storage into Manufacturing

Schnitzer Steel Industries announced Sept. 8 that it will be installing a 1,600 kW battery energy storage system at its Oakland, Calif., facility.

The installation will be completed at the recycled metals plant by Powerflex, an EDF Renewables subsidiary. The batteries will be charged when demand is low and renewable energy from East Bay Community Energy is actively powering the grid and will discharge during periods of high onsite consumption.

Once completed, the system is expected to have 5,567 kWh of capacity. Schnitzer will have no upfront costs and will pay for the project through a performance-based contract in line with utility bill savings.

“This is an incredibly exciting project for us,” Robert Ellsworth, director of sustainability at Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc., said in a statement. “It’s cutting edge, a technological innovation, and one of the first of its kind for our industry, at one of our most dynamic locations. This project serves as a prime example of our commitment to sustainability, not just from a global perspective, but more importantly at a local, community level.”

The battery system will also feature an energy management tool to help improve energy consumption and regulate charging and discharging based on levels of consumption.

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