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GHG Emissions  -  September 15, 2021

JBG SMITH Achieves Carbon Neutrality With Offsets

JBG SMITH announced Sept. 13 that it has achieved carbon neutrality across its entire operating portfolio.

The real estate investment company also plans for all 16.1 million square feet of its operating portfolio to maintain carbon-neutral operations annually. JBG SMITH reached carbon neutral operations by purchasing verified carbon offsets for Scope 1 emissions and RECs for Scope 2 emissions.

Moving forward, the company plans to evaluate the opportunity to develop an offsite renewable energy strategy to source clean electricity from and install onsite solar. JBG SMITH also plans to maintain carbon neutrality by reducing the energy use of its facilities and embodied carbon from its buildings in development.

“Achieving carbon neutrality across our operating portfolio provides JBG SMITH with a strong and compelling competitive advantage. Our office, residential, and retail customers increasingly demand this from their real estate space and service partners and our investors expect that we are doing all that we can to address this looming and critical threat,” CEO Matt Kelly said in a statement. “Our collective actions over the next decade are essential in offsetting the current carbon emission trajectory and, through sustainable best practices, JBG SMITH remains committed to positively impacting the communities we serve at every level.”

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