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Distributed Energy Resources, Energy Storage, Sourcing Renewables  -  November 17, 2021

Kia to Reach Carbon Neutrality by 2045

Kia Corporation, the Korean auto manufacturer, announced a commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045. 

The company plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045 based on three key pillars – sustainable mobility, sustainable planet and sustainable energy. These pillars will guide Kia in its efforts to reduce carbon emissions in all operational facets from supply, logistics, vehicle production and vehicle use through to disposal of waste. By 2045, Kia plans to reduce 97% of the company’s 2019 level of carbon emissions. The company will attain carbon neutrality by implementing additional measures to fully offset its remaining carbon emissions.

“For us, it is not only about setting goals and reaching targets. It is about setting a vision that will inspire others to join the movement to benefit humanity and protect the environment,” said Hosung Song, President and CEO of Kia in a statement. “In line with our vision of becoming a sustainable mobility solutions provider, we commit to achieving carbon neutrality by 2045.”

Kia also previewed the Concept EV9, its new battery electric vehicle (BEV). Kia’s goal is to fully electrify its vehicle line-up in Europe by 2035. From 2040, Kia’s line-up in key markets around the globe will also exclusively consist of electrified models that will emit zero emissions during daily vehicle use. 

The company is also working with its suppliers to reduce carbon emissions from the parts supply stage. Kia aims to create a carbon emissions monitoring system for its partner companies by 2022 and will provide solutions to its suppliers based on the resulting data. A key element to this plan is the use of ‘green steel’, as the steel industry has traditionally been one of the biggest global carbon emitters.

Kia aims to achieve zero emissions across all aspects of its business including all production sites. By 2045, after Hyundai Motor Group and its key subsidiaries announced their plan to join the RE100 initiative in July. Climate Group’s RE100 is an initiative to transition to 100% renewable energy in electricity generation. For Kia’s overseas sites, all electricity will be sourced from renewable energy by 2030 and by 2040 that transition will be complete for all of Kia’s domestic business sites. By continuing to improve the efficiency of production facilities, Kia aims to cut carbon emissions by 1% each year. To realize this reduction, Kia will implement new innovations such as Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) technology.


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