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Distributed Energy Resources, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  January 5, 2022

Chrysler to Sell First Battery EV By 2025, All EVs By 2028

Chrysler announced that the company will launch its first battery-electric vehicle (BEV) by 2025 and a future all-electric Chrysler vehicle lineup by 2028.

 “The Chrysler Airflow Concept represents the future direction of the Chrysler brand, providing a peek at the dynamic design, advanced technologies and seamless connectivity that will characterize the full-electric portfolio we plan to reach by 2028,” said Chris Feuell, Chrysler brand CEO - Stellantis in a statement. “Chrysler is an iconic American automotive brand, with a heritage in creating new advanced technologies and product segments. Our brand will serve at the forefront as Stellantis transforms to deliver clean mobility and connected customer experiences.”

 The company plans to deliver a fully electric vehicle lineup by 2028, produced using clean manufacturing processes and made with recyclable and renewable materials. The battery for these vehicles is designed to achieve between a 350- and 400-mile range on a single charge. 

Stellantis also announced that Amazon will be the first commercial customer for its new Ram ProMaster battery-electric vehicle (BEV) in 2023, further expanding Amazon’s sustainable delivery network.

Amazon and Stellantis will collaborate to deliver software solutions for Stellantis’ new digital cabin platform, STLA SmartCockpit, starting in 2024. Stellantis selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its preferred cloud provider for vehicle platforms to deliver on its long-term, software-focused vision.

“We’re excited to collaborate with Stellantis to transform the automotive industry and reinvent the in-vehicle experience,” said Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon in a statement. “We are inventing solutions that will help enable Stellantis to accelerate connected and personalized in-vehicle experiences, so that every moment in motion can be smart, safe and tailored to each occupant. Together, we will create the foundation for Stellantis to transform from a traditional automaker into a global leader in software-driven development and engineering." 

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