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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Sourcing Renewables  -  January 20, 2022

SAP Resets Net Zero Goal of 2030

SAP has committed to achieving net zero emissions across its value chain by 2030 — 20 years earlier than originally targeted.

The company’s next milestone is 2023, when SAP aims to be carbon neutral in its own operations – two years earlier than originally targeted. This includes all direct (Scope 1), indirect (Scope 2), and selected categories of value chain (Scope 3) carbon emissions, such as business flights, employee commuting and external data centers. 

“The potential for decarbonization can be amplified considerably if we enhance our efforts along the entire value chain,” said Daniel Schmid, chief sustainability officer of SAP, in a statement. “In 2020, carbon emissions amounted to 12,300 kt along SAP’s entire value chain (including upstream and downstream emissions) compared to 135 kt net emissions for SAP’s own operations.”

The company will focus on reducing emissions from the use of its sold products, followed by purchased goods and services. The focus will be on the following key areas:

  • Accelerating the transformation of on-premise customers to cloud
  • Strengthening engagement with key suppliers to commit to net zero and deliver products and services on a carbon neutral basis
  • Using best-in-class data centers with sustainable programming and a cloud carbon footprint calculator for all SAP cloud solutions
  • Enhancing direct investments in renewable electricity as well as nature-based and technical-based funds to neutralize residual carbon emissions

SAP is working to receive external validation for these goals by SBTi. 


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