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Distributed Energy Resources, Sourcing Renewables  -  February 22, 2022

Wheels Donlen Offers EV Charging Options to Fleet Operators

Wheels Donlen customers will soon have access to a nationwide EV charging network and at-home charging technology. 

The provider of automotive fleet management partnered with ChargePoint Holdings so that companies working with Wheels Donlen will have access to the charging company’s network of over 125,000 public charging stations. Customers will also be able to receive at-home charging hardware and cloud software that provides holistic management and consolidated billing for fueling across customer fleets.

The technology will also provide Wheels Donlen customers with a view of energy, greenhouse gas savings and charging activity for any fleet vehicle while parked and on route. Aggregating billing will allow customers to understand their charging habits and total energy use.

“As we continue to support fleet sustainability goals, we know this partnership gives our clients an opportunity to reach their zero-emission goals through fleet electrification,” Ahsan Rahim, acting COO at Wheels Donlen, said in a statement. “Together with ChargePoint, we can meet the diverse charging needs of our fleets while keeping drivers productive.”

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