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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  March 8, 2022

Maryland Schools Sets Net Zero Goals


The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) announced the launch of the Decarbonizing Public Schools Pilot Program to expand the capacity to manage energy data in order to reduce energy use and GHG emissions.

This program will serve to expand the capacity of local education agencies (LEA) for managing energy data, reducing operating costs, and for adding energy performance criteria into capital improvement planning. 

The program provides $2 million in funding from the Strategic Energy Investment Fund to help the local agencies develop and expand their capacity to address energy challenges and opportunities for controlling costs through data management. In addition, the program will help them adopt cost-effective net zero energy design considerations for public school portfolio planning. 

“MEA has been helping make Net Zero Energy schools a reality, having recently supported three projects, including the Holabird and Graceland Park/O’Donnell Heights schools in Baltimore City and Wilde Lake Middle School in Howard County,” said Dr. Mary Beth Tung, Director of MEA in a statement. “Early lessons from these projects indicate lifecycle operating costs can be greatly reduced when sound energy management and design principles are incorporated early in project identification and design.” 


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