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Distributed Energy Resources, Sourcing Renewables  -  June 29, 2022

Silicon Valley Adds New EV Shuttles for Commuters

Several leading tech companies in Silicon Valley will soon offer their employees access to a new service of all-electric shuttles on intra-campus and Park and Ride commute routes.

The zero-emission vehicles include Class 3 passenger vans and Class 7 motorcoaches that previously operated on gasoline or diesel. The “repowered” vehicles, provided by Lightning eMotors, are either in service now or will be soon through a partnership with ABC Companies, which facilitated the conversion.

As Bay Area employers begin to bring employees back to the office post-pandemic, thousands of employees in the region will have access to these new vehicles on their commute, reducing traffic congestion, tailpipe emissions and noise pollution.

The vehicles feature an integrated advanced telematics system to track performance and perform route optimization in real-time. This data will also be available for employers to use in their monthly ESG reporting.

“We are encouraged by an acceleration in the adoption of repowered vehicles, not only by these Bay Area powerhouses, but by private and public sector businesses and universities across the country,” Lightning eMotors CEO Tim Reeser said in a statement. “Industries are realizing that repowering existing vehicles with our electric drive system is a highly cost-effective way to lower emissions. And though some companies are looking at converting electric cargo vans to passenger vans, they don’t provide the range, payload capacity or safety features of a Lightning repowered Transit.”

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