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GHG Emissions, Industrial, Wind  -  August 22, 2022

Freshpet Sets 2025 Goals

Freshpet unveiled the relaunch of its Nature's Fresh brand following a year-long transformation aimed at featuring certified humanely raised proteins and a goal to be 100% regeneratively sourced by 2025.

When Freshpet Kitchens produce Nature's Fresh, every bit of waste is reused, recycled or transformed into energy. Freshpet's eco-friendly kitchens harvest rainwater, are landfill-free and are powered by wind energy. Nature's Fresh is 100% Carbon Neutral through Scopes 1, 2 and 3 – emissions that Freshpet has not been able to eliminate through their efforts are matched with carbon offsets to ensure a healthier climate for future generations.

Freshpet has been committed to reducing its environmental impact through efforts such as recycling, renewable energy and water conservation. 

 "We've been on a journey to accelerate our commitment to creating products that are not only better for our pets but are kinder to the planet," said Scott Morris, president and co-founder, Freshpet in a statement.  "The relaunch of Nature's Fresh is fundamental to the future of our business, helping us achieve our ambition to reduce our environmental impact and make every bowl matter." 

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