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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial, Power Prices  -  September 7, 2022

Genan Automates Response to Power Price Increases

Genan, a Danish-owned recycling company, will save money in energy costs by automating its response to electricity price spikes.

The company will work with Ndustrial, a production-first energy intensity company that is expanding its market reach to serve the recycling market.

“Recycling operations need a warning system, and ideally an automated system, that will shift your energy load as prices go up,” said Michael Agerkilde, COO at Genan in a statement. “I would never do anything else. Although energy prices at Genan’s Houston plant are generally lower in the US than in Europe, the fluctuations are much higher.”

Recycling facilities like Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) and shredding operations are candidates for cutting energy costs since they are large energy users. Their operations are generally flexible enough to avoid price spikes. 

As energy price inflation eats into operating margins, the companies that can successfully manage their energy intensity will see higher profits and improved competitiveness. This success often extends to improved stakeholder relations including with customers, investors, and regulators.

“Energy efficiency is a major opportunity for companies serious about putting sustainability in action,” said Jason Massey, CEO at Ndustrial. “Recycling and energy management go hand-in-hand.”


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