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Commercial, Microgrids  -  January 11, 2023

Bell County Water Control Adds Microgrid   

Bell County Water Control and Improvement District (WCID) #1, the operator of the Lake Belton Water Treatment Plant in Texas, will develop a 10 MW microgrid system fueled by clean-burning natural gas generators.

 The microgrid will be developed by RPower. The project will provide a cleaner alternative to traditional backup diesel generators, allow the facility to manage energy costs better, and meet the requirements outlined in the Texas Water Code.

The Texas Water Code was amended in early 2021 to require water utilities to develop an emergency preparedness plan that includes a means to operate the water system during an extended power outage.

In addition to delivering a resilient source of backup power, the project will allow Bell County WCID1 to participate in a variety of grid reliability programs and other cost-saving measures that will deliver significant cost reductions to the district.

“After a thorough review process, we selected RPower as our partner to develop our microgrid system. This project is extremely important for Bell County WCID #1 as it ensures our compliance with Texas Water Code and provides a benefit to our community,” said Ricky Garrett, General Manager for Bell County WCID # 1 in a statement. “The RPower team delivered a competitive proposal that pulled the entire turnkey microgrid solution together for us. We feel very confident in the RPower team and their ability to deliver what we need to make this project a success.”

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