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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  April 14, 2023

SSR Mining to Refine Options For Short-Term Targets

SSR Mining Inc. announced it will focus on refining its identified options for short-term targets, plus map out its longer-term goals to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and improve energy management.

In 2020, the mining company made a commitment to set a target for net zero operational greenhouse emissions by 2050. During 2022, SSR Mining worked to develop a global water strategy to help ensure the company manages water as a resource for its operations and communities. The company will implement water management plans at each of our assets in 2023.

Details of how SSR Mining manages its sustainability across its business were provided in its annual Sustainability Report.

“Our fifth annual ESG and Sustainability Report represents another step in SSR Mining’s continued effort to operate responsibly and sustainably while maximizing the benefits to our stakeholders,” said Rod Antal, President and CEO of SSR Mining, in a statement. “The report demonstrates our commitment to transparency and accountability and the efforts we take to generate value for our people and investors while staying true to ESG principles.”


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