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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  April 24, 2023

UNC Greensboro Starts Carbon Offset Program

UNC Greensboro’s (UNCG) Office of Sustainability launched the Spartan DRIVE Fund (Drivers Reducing Individual Vehicle Emissions) calling for donations of $15 annually to offset commuter emissions. The university aims to raise $10,000 annually from employees to offset emissions created by students who travel to the campus.

Participants can also offset emissions from previous years. The average UNCG commuter is responsible for 1 ton of GHG emissions annually for travel to and from campus - the total was 11,870 tons in FY22 or about 18% of the university’s total carbon footprint.

UNCG’s carbon footprint comes from three major contributors: emissions from employee and student commuters; the generation of electricity purchased from Duke Energy (32%); and the emissions from fuels like natural gas, gasoline, and propane burned on campus for energy (30%).

Ten percent of the money raised will go towards Community Housing Solutions (CHS), a local non-profit that provides critical home repairs, including weatherization improvements to Guilford County homeowners who are at or under 80% of the poverty line. Remaining funds will be invested in energy efficiency projects on campus. 

“Community Housing Solutions is focused on providing critical home repairs to homeowners with limited incomes. By making homes warmer, drier and safer, we can help preserve home ownership, reduce energy usage/costs, and improve the overall quality of life for these Guilford County families in need,” said Cheryl Brandberg, Development Director, in a statement“We are excited to partner with UNCG’s Spartan DRIVE Fund to reduce greenhouse gasses on campus and improve energy efficiency for our homeowners in need.”


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