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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  May 4, 2023

Allbirds Lowers Product Carbon Footprint by 19%

Allbirds, a San Francisco-based footwear company, announced a 19% reduction in its average product carbon footprint in 2022.

The reduction, from 8.76 kg CO₂e to 7.12 kg CO₂e,  is the company’s largest single-year reduction.

The company is already more than 60% of the way towards its 2025 science-based targets and remains on track to reach near zero product carbon emissions by 2030 due to its 27 different initiatives throughout the business. 

“With our Flight Status, we want to show all of the work we do every day of the year when it comes to our commitment and journey towards zero carbon emissions – and we want to print it on our receipts for everyone to see,” said Hana Kajimura, Head of Sustainability at Allbirds, in a statement. “Real leadership in sustainability means following through on what you say you’re going to do. Taking small steps that add up to something big.”

Last year Allbird significantly increased ocean shipping to 96%, up from 80% in 2020 and brought its renewable energy approach to facilities in China, where some of Allbirds’s rubbers and foams are molded. Allbirds also continues to advocate for policies supporting more renewable energy in Vietnam, where the brand’s primary factories are located. Responsible energy accounted for a reduction of -0.93 kg CO₂e of Allbirds’s overall per unit reduction of -1.64 kg CO₂e. 

In 2022, Allbirds created more products with regenerative wool and increased the amount of renewable materials used. The company updated its footwear packaging to reduce weight and lower its footprint; transitioned from virgin nylon to recycled nylon in its wool fabrics; and updated the sockliner in its lifestyle Tree styles to utilize more recycled materials.



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