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Commercial, Energy Efficiency  -  May 19, 2023

3M Partners to Produce CO2 Removal Products

3M entered into a partnership to develop material that can trap and permanently remove carbon dioxide.

The company will collaborate with Svante Technologies, Inc., which has developed a process for coating solid sorbents onto laminate sheets and stacking them into high-performance filters, available for both industrial point-source capture (from hydrogen, cement, steel, aluminum, pulp & paper plants, and refineries) and for direct air capture.  

 3M Ventures, the venture capital arm of 3M, recently participated in Svante’s Series E fundraising round, which raised $318 million to accelerate the manufacturing of Svante’s carbon capture and removal technology.

“3M is committed to helping build a low-carbon economy.  We are driven by a need to solve the world’s most pressing challenges, and our partnership with Svante to create innovative climate solutions is an exciting prospect for us,” said Ray Eby, president of 3M’s Personal Safety Division, in a statement. “Similar to how we tripled production of N95 respirators during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are eager to take on the challenge of scaling the production and supply of carbon removal materials over the next decade and beyond to meet global demand. Our deep expertise in filtration technology, extensive global R&D community and our unwavering commitment to create world-changing solutions give us the confidence to scale these carbon-adsorbing solutions with the necessary speed to combat climate change.”



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