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Distributed Energy Resources, GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  July 20, 2023

Lafarge Canada Adds All-Electric Trucks

Lafarge Canada is electrifying its work truck fleet as part of its efforts to reduce its Scope 1 emissions.

The company, a subsidiary of Holcim, a global sustainable building solutions company,  is collaborating  with North American electric vehicle supplier Vicinity Motor Corp. and automotive dealer Pioneer Automotive Group.

Lafarge Canada selected a custom-upfit all-electric industrial vehicle,  the VMC 1200, which will be sustainable for transportation in the construction materials industry.

The company is deploying two all-electric VMC trucks in its British Columbia aggregates and ready-mix operations, signifying a shift towards sustainable transportation solutions. As Lafarge expands its fleet, additional VMC models will be integrated throughout 2024.

“The benefits of this electrification effort are twofold, delivering cost savings and contributing to a reduction in Scope 1 emissions on site,” said Brad Kohl CEO Lafarge Canada (West) in a statement. "Each VMC 1200 truck is estimated to reduce site emissions related to transportation by 6200 tonnes of CO2 annually, showcasing Lafarge's firm commitment to sustainability and its role in combating climate change”.


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