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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Regulation, Sourcing Renewables  -  August 19, 2023

Weekend Reads: Renewables Versus Summer Heat; Potential Hydrogen Breakthrough

It’s the weekend! Kick back and catch up with these must-read articles from around the web:

Why haven't summer's extreme heat waves caused any blackouts? Renewable energy is helping (USA Today)   Energy experts say four things have come together to make this summer, while hot, nowhere near as dangerous as it might have been had power systems failed leaving thousands without the air conditioning that's now a matter of survival during heat waves. 

Is carbon capture and storage a climate solution? (Inside Climate News)  Fossil fuel companies’ favorite climate solution has scored tens of billions of dollars in support from the Biden administration and Congress, but many environmentalists and scientists say it is a dangerous boondoggle. 

Methane + sunlight + catalyst = emissions-free hydrogen, say UCF researchers (CleanTechnica)  Researchers at the University of Central Florida say they have discovered a way to make hydrogen with no carbon dioxide emissions. Richard Blair and Laurene Tetard, both professors at the University of Central Florida, say they have developed a process that allows methane to be converted into hydrogen and carbon at room temperature using nothing but sunlight. 

Heat pumps can decarbonize food and beverage processing, but report warns of bottlenecks (Utility Dive)   Heat pumps and other emissions-free technologies could almost entirely decarbonize food and beverage processing in the United States by 2035, according to a report commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund and the Renewable Thermal Collaborative. The report concludes virtually all of these emissions can be eliminated but also warns there are bottlenecks to electrification.

Montana judge sides with youth in historic climate trial (Politico)   A Montana judge on Monday found that the Treasure State is violating its residents’ right to a clean environment — delivering a major victory to the 16 kids, teens and young adults behind the first U.S. youth-led climate trial. 

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