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Distributed Energy Resources, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial, Commercial, Solar  -  August 24, 2023

Carlisle Companies Lowers Emissions

Carlisle Companies, a supplier of building envelope products and solutions for more energy efficient buildings, made significant progress in reducing its operational GHG emissions by eliminating nearly 2,000 metric tons of carbon emissions from direct operations.

The company started using energy conservation methods such as solar power and LED lighting, engaged with key suppliers to stimulate the development of bio-based raw materials and placed orders for its first batches of petrochemical alternatives. 

Carlisle announced that 43 out of its 88 principal manufacturing facilities covering approximately 49% of its total footprint were converted to LED lighting with motion sensors. This resulted in savings of more than 8 million kWh annually, reducing GHG emissions by over 3,000 metric tons.

The company also transitioned its sales fleet of over 600 vehicles and about 620 factory forklifts to electric models. The company deployed over 130 electric forklifts and 40 electric vehicles, with additional deliveries expected throughout 2023. 

In its Waltershausen, Germany, membrane facility, the company installed a solar photovoltaic system expected to save approximately 15% of electricity consumption.

Details were published in Carlisle's 2022 Sustainability Report

“The publication of our 2022 Sustainability Report reflects continued, meaningful progress on our ESG Journey,” said CEO Chris Koch in a statement. “Carlisle’s sustainability mission – to produce products that make buildings more efficient, reduce our value stream emissions, and manage end of life materials to reduce waste in landfills, advances our commitment to achieve net zero in our GHG emissions by 2050.”

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