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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  September 8, 2023

Microsoft Signs Deal for Carbon Removal

Microsoft signed a long-term contract to purchase up to 315,000 metric tons of CO2 removal over a multi-year period.

The agreement was signed with Heirloom, a direct air capture company that harnesses the natural properties of limestone to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

“Microsoft’s agreement with Heirloom is another important step in helping build the market for high-quality carbon removal and supports our path to become carbon negative by 2030,” said Microsoft Senior Director of Energy and Carbon Brian Marrs in a statement. “As an investor in and customer of Heirloom, we believe that Heirloom’s technical approach and plan are designed for rapid iteration to help drive down the cost of large-scale Direct Air Capture at the urgent pace needed to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.”

Heirloom operates the only direct air capture facility in the U.S. that is permanently storing CO2 in a range of ways, including in concrete.

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