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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  September 22, 2023

Güntner Sets Goals to Lower Carbon, Energy Intensity

Güntner, a global company in refrigeration and heat exchange technology, announced its commitment to six sustainability pledges to achieve by 2030, which include lowering its carbon intensity by 40% across manufacturing facilities.

The company also plans to reduce its energy intensity by 10% across manufacturing facilities, lower water intensity by 30% across manufacturing facilities, launch the industry's first truly circular coil, convert Güntner’s entire product range to the use of eco-friendly substances and transition to utilizing sustainable packaging.

"This is an exciting and essential next step in our organization’s global sustainability journey,” said Miguel Garrido, Güntner's Executive President – USA, in a statement. “Güntner US is already actively working with associations, such as the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration, to refine regulatory frameworks to help transition to cleaner technologies. While we’re proud of the initial steps we've taken, we recognize the responsibility we have as a global leader to improve sustainability in our industry as a whole, preserving the wonder of our planet for the next generation.”

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