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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  January 23, 2024

Rockwell Automation Joins SBTi, UN Global Compact 

Rockwell Automation, a company that provides industrial automation and digital transformation solutions to manufacturers, joined the UN Global Compact and the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) as part of its new 2023 ESG initiatives.

In 2023, Rockwell's GHG emissions remained flat. The company increased emissions with the addition of Sensia, a joint venture, and the recent acquisitions of CUBIC and ASEM. Operations and reporting were offset by the purchase of green energy at its Katowice, Poland facility and the company increased energy efficiency across its portfolio.

Rockwell also created a new team that will be responsible for the integration of sustainability design principles, measurement criteria, and requirements into common product development processes.

Details were published in its 2023 Sustainability Report detailing the company's sustainability progress and outcomes, as well as how the company is partnering across the manufacturing industry and communities to create sustainable impact and change.

"We've been improving the efficiency of industrial processes for more than 120 years, which includes making the most of scarce resources," said Rockwell Automation Chairman & CEO Blake Moret, in a statement. "Today, our technology and expertise help manufacturers in diverse industries address the complex challenge of making high-quality products at scale while minimizing negative impacts on the environment."

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