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Distributed Energy Resources, Commercial, Solar  -  April 3, 2024

California State University Adds Solar Benches

California State University - Dominguez Hills had solar-powered benches installed on its campus.

The benches were installed by Bluebolt Outdoor LLC, a division of Blue Outdoor, at no cost and allow students, faculty, and visitors a convenient place to rest equipped with device-charging capabilities, according to a statement.

"The Bench" operates entirely off the grid, relying on solar power stored in a lithium battery within the unit. This configuration allows for device charging and additional campus lighting in the evening, with enough stored power to last up to five days. 

Each bench features two backlit advertising panels. Bluebolt manages all aspects of the advertising program, including sales within university approved categories, allowing for additional revenue generation.

Bluebolt will be continuing their rollout this summer with locations in Arkansas, California, Illinois and Texas.

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