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GHG Emissions, Industrial, Solar, Wind  -  April 16, 2024

Hexaware Technologies Installs Solar, Improves Energy Efficiency

Hexaware Technologies, a global technology provider, installed rooftop solar systems across its operations, resulting in a 1.84 MW solar power generation capacity and preventing 1,748 tons of CO2 emissions annually. 

The company also procures green energy and reached 9.02 million units in 2023, offsetting an estimated 6,456 tons of CO2 emissions. This translates to 56% of electricity usage at Hexaware's owned facilities powered by renewable sources. Its Chennai campus leverages wind power for 68% of its electricity consumption.

Hexaware prioritizes energy efficiency through a multi-pronged approach, which includes utilizing LED lighting systems, motion sensors and energy-efficient equipment across its facilities. The company also follows regular maintenance practices to optimize performance and minimize energy waste to reduce its carbon footprint.

Two of Hexaware's campuses in India have earned LEED Gold and Platinum certifications. These principles translate into reduced energy of 33% and water consumption of 56%; incorporating recycled materials in construction; and an improved indoor air quality.

The company seeks to achieve net-zero GHG emissions in Scopes 1 and 2 by 2040. Additionally, it seeks to transition 70% of its campus energy consumption to renewable sources by 2030 through a slew of initiatives.

Hexaware was recognized as the Sustainable Organization of the Year 2024 at the Net Zero Summit and Awards 2024. 

"Being recognized as a Sustainable Organization in 2024 is a testament to Hexaware's ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility," said R Srikrishna, Chief Executive Officer at Hexaware, in a statement. "Looking ahead, we'll further expand our renewable energy sources, work toward achieving net-zero emissions by 2040, and empower our clients and partners to embrace sustainable practices."

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