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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  April 17, 2024

Tyler Technologies Updates Scope 3 Accounting

Tyler Technologies, Inc., a provider of integrated software and technology services for the public sector, added three new categories to its Scope 3 GHG inventory accounting and conducted several energy efficiency projects.

The company also partnered with a renewable energy vendor to evaluate green energy procurement options in Lubbock, Texas, upgraded software for better reporting and monitoring of solar power generation at its Plano, Texas headquarters and replaced light fixtures with LED lighting in its Falmouth, Maine and Yarmouth, Maine offices.

Tyler Technologies conducted other efficiency projects, including replacing roofing and insulation to increase energy efficiency at its Latham, New York and Troy, Michigan offices and installing the Reymsa hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) tower, a more energy-efficient cooling tower, for the HVAC system at its Latham, New York office. 

The company also closed nine underutilized locations totaling about 65,000 square feet in 2023 and consolidated two Little Rock, Arkansas locations into one office. These consolidations reduced resource consumption.

In 2023, Tyler Technologies selected a new company-wide travel management system that promotes better Scope 3 emissions management. The system will empower employees to make more informed decisions for business travel by presenting emissions data and the environmental footprint of their flight, hotel and rental car choices.

Details were published in its fifth annual corporate responsibility report, a compilation of the company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) activities. 

“We often reference a three-legged stool  with employees, clients, and shareholders forming the base  that represents the foundation of Tyler,” said Lynn Moore, Tyler’s president and chief executive officer, in a statement. “Our commitment to maintaining a solid foundation extends beyond delivering exceptional products and services to our clients. It also means understanding and embracing our responsibility to improve operational efficiency, invest in our teams and communities, and maintain strong governance practices.”

In 2023, Tyler implemented a data management and validation platform to further refine its ESG-related data collection and processes. Tyler also undertook a double materiality assessment through an intensive exercise to understand key insights on financial materiality and impact materiality. The assessment process, which was facilitated by a third-party advisor, asked internal and external stakeholders to rank and assess the importance and relevance of 26 different ESG topics as they relate to the company.

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