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November 6, 2023

Syniverse Lowers Emissions by 5%

Syniverse, a global communications technology company, decreased its Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 5%, lowered its energy in operations by 3% since last year and disposed of 100% of its e-waste responsibly.

November 4, 2023

Weekend Reads: The Shrinking Carbon Emissions Budget; Five Green Tech Breakthroughs

It’s the weekend! Kick back and catch up with these must-read articles from around the web.

Regulation  -  November 3, 2023 - By Cliff Majersik, IMT

With New Law, California Moves Towards Statewide Building Performance Standard

In a big step to bring significant resources to development of a statewide building performance standard (BPS) proposal, Gov. Newsom signed Senate Bill 48, the Building Energy Savings Act (SB 48), on October 7. In this column from IMT, dive into what's included in the law and how its approach to BPS could serve as a national model for building decarbonization and grid reliability.

November 3, 2023

Apple, Nike Launch Clean Energy Procurement Academy

Apple, Nike and several other companies launched the Clean Energy Procurement Academy to equip companies with knowledge and capabilities to adopt more clean energy.

GHG Emissions  -  November 2, 2023

Porsche to Use Carbon-Reduced Steel

Porsche AG signed an agreement for the supply of CO₂-reduced steel to lower emissions at the auto company.

November 1, 2023 - By Abby Johnson

Developing an Innovative Clean Energy Financing Tool

As we look forward to the 2024 WISE Awards, let's look back at a conversation with Abby Johnson, Executive Director and Founder of Virginia PACE Authority and winner of a 2023 WISE Award. Abby discusses how public-private partnerships enable a unique type of financing for clean energy projects.

GHG Emissions  -  November 1, 2023

NiSource Lowers Emissions by 67%

NiSource is on track for a 90% reduction in Scope 1 GHG emissions by 2030 compared to a 2005 baseline.

Energy Efficiency  -  November 1, 2023

Governor Hochul Announces $12 Million Heat Recovery Program

New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced a $12 million Heat Recovery Program to modernize buildings in New York State, focusing on decarbonization and retrofit projects that reuse heat to save energy and reduce fossil fuel use in buildings.

GHG Emissions  -  November 1, 2023

THOR Industries Expands Goals to Add Scope 3 Emissions

THOR Industries, Inc., an RV manufacturer, embarked on a comprehensive screening of its Scope 3 GHG emissions and expanded its energy intensity goals to include Scope 3 in becoming carbon net-neutral by 2050.

GHG Emissions  -  October 31, 2023

HNI Recognized by DOE as Partner in Better Climate Challenge

HNI Corporation announced it was recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy for achieving its Scope 1 and 2 emissions reduction goal as a partner in the Better Climate Challenge.

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