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Solar  -  August 29, 2022

Sycamore Adds Microgrid in Pennsylvania

Sycamore International, a technology recycling company, installed a 115 kW DC solar array to form a microgrid which will reduce peak electricity demand and provide back-up power.

GHG Emissions  -  August 29, 2022

Nuclear Energy as a Keystone Clean Energy Resource

The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners released a new white paper, Nuclear Energy as a Keystone Clean Energy Resource, that explores nuclear energy’s role in providing carbon-free electricity and highlights key considerations for regulators to keep in mind as decarbonization efforts continue across many states and utilities.

August 29, 2022

Hayward Holdings Provides Emissions Inventory

Hayward Holdings, Inc., a global designer, manufacturer, and marketer of a broad portfolio of pool equipment and technology, announced its reporting of ESG ESG metrics in its first data sheet release.

August 26, 2022

Quinn Residences Produces ESG Policy

Quinn Residences, an Atlanta-based build-for-rent company with over 3,300 single-family homes, released its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy.

GHG Emissions  -  August 26, 2022

Smart Energy Voices Podcast Episode 71: Emissions Reduction by Design

In this episode of Smart Energy Voices, host John Failla introduces Ryan Spies, Vice President of Sustainability at Clayco. As the closing keynote speaker from Smart Energy Decisions’ Renewable Energy Forum, Ryan spoke about addressing emissions reduction through design and the role renewables should play in decarbonization strategies.

GHG Emissions  -  August 26, 2022

Urenco Updates Emission Goals

Urenco announced the company enriched enough uranium to generate an estimated 780,000 GWh of electricity from nuclear power, avoiding approximately 320 million tons of carbon emissions.

GHG Emissions  -  August 26, 2022

Ardagh Metal Packaging’s Emission Goals Approved by SBTi  

Ardagh Metal Packaging, a global supplier of infinitely recyclable metal beverage cans, received approval from the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) for its GHG emission reduction targets.

GHG Emissions  -  August 26, 2022

KLA Sets 2030 Goals

KLA set SBTi-informed targets to reduce its Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 50% by 2030 and achieve Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2050.

Sourcing Renewables  -  August 25, 2022

Amazon Adopts Green Hydrogen 

Amazon announced that the company has signed an agreement with Plug Power to supply 10,950 tons per year of green hydrogen for its transportation and building operations starting in 2025.

Distributed Energy Resources  -  August 25, 2022

NY Groups to Switch to EVs

Government and private groups plan to transition 285 fleet vehicles to low-emission electric options. This combined effort will reduce CO2 emissions by over 7,000 tons per year.

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