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German Chemicals Maker to Source Australian Green Hydrogen

...year by 2030 and 50 million tons per year by a later date. Under the deal, FFI will provide Covestro with the equivalent of up to 100,000 tons...of up to 100,000 tons of green hydrogen per year. Covestro expects to reduce its manufacturing green Read More...

Covestro Sets 2035 Goal for Climate Neutrality GHG gas emissions (scope 1 and 2) in 2022. in the value chain (scope 3) will be reduced. Covestro intends to announce a reduction target fo...t for this by 2023.To achieve net zero emissions, Covestro anticipates dedicated investments of an a Read More...

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Covestro Signs VPPA in Texas is expected to rise to 16 to 18% in 2023. ...ird Solar Center in Lamar County, Texas, which is Covestro’s first renewable energy agreement ...nually and will reduce the Scope 2 emissions from Covestro’s third-largest production site loc Read More...

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Covestro Sets Scope 3 Emissions Goals

... to logistics and primary energy extraction. ...s total GHG emissions. Raw materials purchased by Covestro are responsible for the greatest share of...of Scope 3 emissions.To reach net zero emissions, Covestro expects to make targeted investments amou Read More...

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