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CyrusOne commits to carbon neutral data centers by 2040 working to reduce our environmental footprint."...ble design components at their facilities, follow CyrusOne’s announcement last year that their...als,” Bruce W. Duncan, President and CEO of CyrusOne, said in a statement. “We recognize Read More...

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CyrusOne shifts focus to design of energy-efficient data centers

... centers are all running on 100% renewable energy....ure,” Bruce W. Duncan, President and CEO at CyrusOne, said in a statement. “Our goal at ...CyrusOne, said in a statement. “Our goal at CyrusOne is to empower our customers with creative Read More...

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CyrusOne powers Texas data centers with renewables

... is expected to be operational by the end of 2021....ts data center in Carrollton.  This reflects CyrusOne’s commitment to accelerate the tran...rt of our comprehensive sustainability mission at CyrusOne,” Kyle Myers, senior director of en Read More...

CyrusOne Expands Data Center Efficiency

...d diversity initiatives in the coming year.”...e company’s sustainability report said that CyrusOne received the Three Green Globes Building ...ration. The report also includes an assessment of CyrusOne’s climate risk, including carbon pr Read More...

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CyrusOne European Operations Hit Goals Ahead of Schedule

...bility Accounting Standards Board (SASB) guidance....ata Centre Pact eight years early as of June 2021.CyrusOne also offset the small amount of diesel us...ny saw a seven-fold increase in 2021 over 2020 in CyrusOne’s total MWh of renewable electricit Read More...

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CyrusOne's Emission Goal Receives SBTi Approval

...tomers' carbon footprint.”   ...; said Kyle Myers, vice president of EHS&S at CyrusOne in a statement. “This target will l...tomers' carbon footprint.”    Read More...

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CyrusOne Increases 2030 Target the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)....our team has achieved over the last year, helping CyrusOne to meet far-reaching sustainability goals...o; said Eric Schwartz, Chief Executive Officer of CyrusOne, in a statement. “These achievement Read More...

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