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A Letter from Diversity in Clean Energy (DiCE)

To the Clean Energy Industry:Diversity in Clean Energy (“DiCE”), is an action-based coalition convened by Duke Energy working collaboratively with T-Mobile, Kroger, Microsoft, and three diverse-owned businesses operating within the clean energy ecosystem.  Our visionary outcome is t Read More...

Applying a Regeneration Framework to Clean Energy

“Global Warming isn’t happening to us. It’s happening for us. It’s a gift. Every system without feedback dies. This is feedback. It’s an offering to re-imagine who we are and what we can create with our minds, our hearts, and our brilliance.”    - P Read More...

New Frameworks for Clean Energy: We're Not In Kansas Anymore

This column, the third in a series from DiCE (Diversity in Clean Energy) highlights the need for and benefits of an equitable energy transition.Can you feel a Brand New Day?!  Among the jubilant cheers of the recent passing of the Inflation Reduction Act, and the hard-earned sighs of Read More...

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