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Commercial, Demand Management, Energy Efficiency, Power Prices  -  January 13, 2016

Marriott saves energy, money with  HVAC refurbishment instead of replacement

Replacing an HVAC system, or even just some major components, is one of the more capital-intensive upgrades a facility manager can make. However, there may be other options that can extend asset life, save money and save energy.

Refurbishment is one example that was successfully employed at the Little Rock Marriott in Little Rock, Ark. AirRevive, a company that specializes in sustainable HVAC refurbishment and recommissioning services for the hospitality industry, recently refurbished the fan coils in 450 guest room units at the hotel, according to a news release from AirRevive. 

The refurbishments, completed within 24 hours, upgraded HVAC units that were originally installed in 1980 and should keep them running for another ten years, the company said. 

The benefits to the facility include guest room energy savings by the thermostat being satisfied faster, which reduces fan motor run time. Additionally, the facility saves energy at the chiller and boiler by reducing the work required at the guest room level to maintain temperature set point which runs the chiller and boiler less. Additionally, reducing the water supply and return temperature delta results in less work for boiler and chiller to maintain the loop temperature set point, according to AirRevive.

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