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Commercial, Demand Management, Energy Efficiency, Industrial  -  May 12, 2016

Building on RE100, The Climate Group launches EP100, aimed at energy efficiency

Following on the  corporate clean energy adoption momentum created with the RE100 initiative, The Climate Group on May 11 announced the launch of a similar program aimed at increasing "energy productivity" among global businesses. 

The EP100 program, according to a news blog from The Climate Group, aims to "support influential businesses pledging to double their energy productivity and seeking to maximize economic output." Business can increase energy productivity by investing in energy efficient technologies and practices to reduce emissions and costs, the group says.

The EP100's latest member companies include Johnson Controls Inc., which pledged to double its energy productivity by 2030 on a baseline year of 2009; and German material science company Covestro AG, which pledged to double its energy productivity by 2030 on a baseline of 2005, according to the blog post. Those two companies join Indian truck manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., which pledged to double energy productivity by 2030 on a baseline of 2008-2009.

The concept of energy productivity aligns energy efficiency more directly with business growth and development, The Climate Group said.  The group wrote: 

If more companies were to adopt energy productivity within their business models, the global fossil fuel bill could be reduced by an estimated US$ 2.3 trillion, and create more than 6 million jobs globally by 2020. Moreover, smarter energy use is critical in reducing greenhouse gas emissions needed for global temperatures to remain below 2 degrees Celsius.

Clay Nesler, vice president of corporate sustainability at Johnson Controls, said in the news post that energy efficiency improvements have been a key element of the company's sustainability program since 2003. In that time, Johnson Controls says it has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 41% and achieved more than $100 million in annual energy savings. 

The Climate Group, said EP 100  will accelerate a global transition to a cleaner economy and deliver national climate ambitions — in the context of the recently signed Paris climate agreement —  by driving energy productive business models. In the U.S., the group says, improving energy productivity has the potential to save $327 billion annually in energy costs and add 1.3 million jobs if energy productivity is doubled by 2030.

EP100 is led by The Climate Group and is an action of the We Mean Business coalition, with support from ClimateWorks. The campaign operates in collaboration and alignment with the Global Alliance for Energy Productivity and the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All initiative.

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