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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, Industrial, Commercial, Industrial  -  July 11, 2016

Kroger sets goal to reduce energy consumption 40% by 2020

In outlining a number of new sustainability goals, supermarket chain The Kroger Co. has committed to reducing its cumulative energy consumption 40% by 2020 from a 2000 baseline. 

The company said it plans to build on its long-term success of energy consumption reduction through the maintenance of existing processes and technologies in addition to testing and learning from new technologies.

The company also pointed to a unique renewable energy endeavor: Kroger's "food recovery system" in use in California, which converts food waste and dairy plant effluent into renewable energy through anaerobic digestion. The company said it will continue to look for opportunities to leverage that technology elsewhere.

"Kroger and the Innovation Center of U.S. Dairy have entered into a collaboration to study the feasibility of locating anaerobic digesters on dairy farms that can process Kroger food waste along with manure," the company wrote. 

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