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Frito-Lay racks up green miles with CNG vehicles

PepsiCo said Aug. 4 that its Frito-Lay unit, which has been building up its fleet of alternative-fuel vehicles since 2011, has now logged more than 100 million miles in the U.S. with trucks powered by compressed natural gas. 

The $14 billion convenient-foods arm started with 16 trucks running on compressed natural gas in 2011 and has grown that number to more than 500 vehicles, equating to more than 35% of its total fleet of long-haul vehicles. The tailpipe emissions from the CNG trucks contain 23% less greenhouse gas than their diesel-driven counterparts. 

"Increasing the efficiency of our vehicle fleet is a key component of achieving PepsiCo's overall goal to reduce GHG emissions," Michael O'Connell, Frito-Lay's senior director of supply chain, said in a news release. "Alternative fuel solutions like Frito-Lay's use of CNG freight trucks are an important piece of our overall strategy, helping us reduce our environmental footprint, meet changing consumer needs and thrive in today's economy."   

With roughly 22,000 vehicles, from cargo vans to tractor-trailers, Frito-Lay boasts the seventh-largest commercial fleet in the U.S., according to a news release. Within that lineup, the PepsiCo division utilizes several different fuel-efficient models, including electric vehicle route trucks, CNG freight trucks and advanced diesel technology.  

As a result of its commitment to fuel efficiency, Frito-Lay reduced its use of diesel by more than 30% from 2008 to 2015. Over that same period, the unit's net revenue grew by 16%.  

Frito-Lay attributed its ability to grow its CNG fleet to the development of a national infrastructure for alternative fuel. The unit is a major customer at 16 CNG public fueling stations around the U.S., the company said  

PepsiCo said its efforts to reduce its impact on the environment stem from its "Performance with Purpose" initiative, which aims to deliver solid financial performance while achieving sustainable growth and creating shareholder value.  

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