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Toyota leads new clean energy revenue rankings

In an inaugural "Carbon Clean 200" list,  two corporate sustainability advocacy organizations have ranked global public companies according to total revenue generated from clean energy

Media and research company Corporate Knights and nonprofit As You Sow teamed up to create the rankings, launched the list in an attempt to "start a broad and dynamic dialogue about how all investors can co-create a clean energy economy and how best to evaluate and highlight companies that are already on the continuum of transition." 

The groups explain in their report that reveals the rankings: 

A great deal of effort has been devoted to identifying the fossil fuel companies that most threaten our fragile climate. This report asks a different set of questions: which companies currently are profiting from making the decision to participate in the clean transition and what is the best way to spot them? To answer these questions we decided to rely on the Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) database. We wanted to make our analysis simple to understand and to look at stable companies rather than startups, so we started with a pool of global companies that have at least a $1bn market cap and have at least 10% “Clean Energy Revenue” as defined by BNEF. We then excluded oil/gas/coal companies, companies that manufacture weapons, utilities with less than 50% renewables, companies that profited from deforestation, and companies that engage in child/forced labor. We then took the top 200 and ranked them by estimated clean revenue — the "Clean200"

Toyota Motor Corp. topped the Clean 200 list, with Siemens AG, Johnson Controls Inc., Schneider Electric and Panasonic Corp. rounding out the top five. The full rankings are available here.

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