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Energy Efficiency, Utilities, Sourcing Renewables  -  October 7, 2016

PG&E's efficiency programs have saved $227M

Pacific Gas and Electric Co., a subsidiary of PG&E Corp.,  on Oct. 6 released its 2016 corporate sustainability report, highlighting continued efforts in energy efficiency and renewable energy sourcing among its broader sustainability initiatives. 

Among those efforts, the California utility said it delivers some of the nation’s cleanest energy, with more than half its electricity coming from resources free of greenhouse gases. Among its other efforts, PG&E noted it has:

  • Achieved one of the nation’s fastest processing times for connecting private solar installations to the energy grid;
  • Helped customers save $227 million on their energy bills through energy efficiency;
  • Achieving industry-leading supplier diversity results, helping thousands of businesses to grow and hire;
  • Pledged to invest $100 million over the next five years to electrify our vehicle fleet;
  • California’s delegation to the COP21 international climate talks in Paris to support a global agreement to combat climate change.

The full report is available on PG&E's website

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