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Demand Management, Energy Efficiency, Energy Procurement, Industrial  -  December 12, 2016

Case study: Armed with new solutions, Excela Health targets $1.35M in energy savings

This case study, presented by Direct Energy, outlines a suite of energy management solutions being utilized by Excela Health, a health system in western Pennsylvania, to identify cost savings and boost energy efficiency without significant capital investment. 

Like the majority of its peers, Excela Health had historically purchased its power through a consortium of other hospital systems. But like many large healthcare providers, Excela was encountering challenges managing its energy usage while still meeting the needs of patient care and satisfying regulatory requirements. 

After assessing Excela's needs and how its products could help provide solutions, Direct Energy Business leveraged its experience in the healthcare energy sector to present a plan that included a variety of solutions, outlined in this case study, that have the potential to save an estimated $1.35 million over a three-year period.


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